Tentang Brand

Tre Gioia is a brand for premium, home-made ice cream. Quality and fresh ingredients, coupled with careful and artisanal skills in ice cream making, are what differentiates us from the competitor. Our ice cream will be marketed to families, children and adults through booths and shops in malls and shopping areas. We would like the image of three scoops of ice cream to be included in the logo. Also in the logo, the wording “Tre Gioia” in the larger font size and “Premium Ice Cream” in the smaller font size. The logo also needs to communicate our premium quality. We would like a colorful logo that can attract attention, especially that of children. HaagenDasz is too “adult” and does not appeal to kids, while Baskin Robbins color and logo appeal too much to the children and not the adults who will be paying the bill. We are looking for a concept that can appeal to both the young kids and their parents.

Desain Logo

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